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Pam Geisel

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Pam Geisel


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Yellow Springs OH 45387
United States
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PO Box 805
Yellow Spring OH 45387
United States
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My education and work experience has been as a graphic designer and also as an instructor of both graphic design and desktop publishing.

I enjoy doing other artwork—watercolor painting, photography, mixed media and pressed flowers—but it’s the quilts that I’m compelled to work on. Sometimes I get an idea like a flash and other times the fabrics tell me what they want to be.

What interests me about traditional quilting is how a quilt square can look completely different if the shapes that make up the square are in different colors or tones of the fabric. I am also interested in the secondary patterns that emerge when quilt blocks are arranged together.

After making many quilts for myself and for friends and family, I decided to create some of my own designs, both in a traditional quilting style and also as art quilts.


Pam Geisel
CLASS: Fabric
CATEGORY: Abstract
SIZE: 44" x 44"
YEAR: 2007
PRICE: $$400

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